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2020-21 season card FAQs

16 September 2020

Nottingham Forest have developed an in-depth FAQs for 2020-21 season card holders as the club look to address the most popular queries received.

The full list can be found here.

What is the deadline to make my decision?

Option 1 - ticket ballot and/or iFollow codes – This is the default option for all season card holders so anyone who wishes to take this option does not need to do anything.

Supporters who would prefer to take a refund option must make their claim with the club by 6pm on Wednesday 23rd September to opt out of option 1. Once a supporter has made their choice, the decision is final and they cannot change their decision after this point.

Can I still renew for the 2020-21 season?

Yes, supporters can still renew their season cards.

The club made the decision to extend the exclusive season card renewal window for all areas of the stadium - including the Peter Taylor Stand - for as long as possible, taking into account the lack of certainty on when the season would start again, the size of crowds that might be allowed to attend games and, most importantly, in respect to the different financial positions of the fans.

With the season now underway and with more information coming from authorities on a weekly basis, the club now needs to put a deadline on this renewal period. Whilst the club are extremely sensitive to the personal situations of supporters (health and financial), to aid the planning of the return of fans to The City Ground the club needs to get a definitive number of season card holders so it can shape some of the policies and processes.

The club will introduce a ballot system for the first part of the football calendar. The club are hopeful that as the virus continues to fade and health measures relax further, this will change as the season goes on and more supporters will be allowed to attend home fixtures at The City Ground.

With the need to finalise the total season card base, the club are giving fans a deadline of 6pm on Wednesday 23rd September to renew their tickets online. More details can be found here.

What happens if games continue to be played behind closed doors?

With the current situation ongoing, the club will monitor changing guidance as the season goes along. If the guidance limits the ability to deliver ticket ballots for supporters who have selected option 1, the club shall look to provide additional compensation to supporters.

How do I apply for ticket ballots?

Ticket ballots will be made available on on a match-by-match basis. Eligible supporters will be invited to apply by logging in and registering their interest in the number of tickets required, where in the stadium and for whom. Supporters who want to sit together as a group should all apply for the ballot within the same application. The maximum group size will be six, as per social distancing regulations.

Who can enter the ballot?

Only season card holders who have chosen/remained with option 1 will be able to enter ticket ballots throughout the season. Only supporters who choose to enter into the ballot process are entitled to a ticket. Stadium regulations dictate that children under the age of 14 years old are not permitted to attend fixtures at The City Ground without an accompanying adult, so adult season card holders are reminded that they should not apply for a refund if they intend to also attend games with a child.

I want to enter the ballot so I can sit with my friends and/or family

Eligible supporters will be invited to apply by logging in and registering their interest in the number of tickets required, where in the stadium and for whom. Supporters who want to sit together as a group should all apply for the ballot within the same application.

The maximum group size will be six, as per social distancing regulations. Supporters who need to link their friends and/or family should link them to their account and request access to MANAGE their account on their behalf.

To help supporters along, the club have created a helpful guide in the “create your new friends and family” section of the online ticketing site.

Will I be able to sit in my season card seat for the games?

During the early phases of the 2020-21 season, supporters will be automatically allocated available seats for each game and there will be no facility for supporters to choose their own seat under social-distancing conditions. Therefore, it cannot be guaranteed that supporters will be able to sit in the same seat, block or price level as their season seat is located.

I have accessible needs, what do I do?

The club understands that the needs of the supporters who have accessibility requirements are more exacting than most. To reflect this, a separate ballot will be run for supporters who may require a wheelchair bay or specific seating which will enable the club to allocate seats specific to particular needs.

What measures have the club introduced to safeguard fans?

The club are working closely within guidelines set by UK Government and football regulatory bodies to ensure that the welfare of supporters is the number one concern. Likewise, the club are in regular contact with the local authority to ensure that the best guidance is taken on facilities' use, supporter journey to and into the stadium and what happens when supporters are in the stadium bowl.

Along with socially-distanced seating plans, hand sanitizer points will be positioned throughout to enable all attendees to keep their hands as hygienic and sterile as they need. Covid-19 regulations will also mean that toilet facilities within the stadium will be reduced and a “one-in, one-out” entry policy may need to be in place for supporters using these facilities.

Ultimately it is the supporter's responsibility to safeguard themself, their friends and family and other supporters in attendance. Wherever possible, supporters should only include other fans from their “social bubble” for tickets who are legally entitled to be part of it, wear a mask wherever possible and please adhere to the code of conduct and advice of club staff on matchdays as these measures are there to protect all supporters and their health.

To assist with any potential track and trace operations that might occur, please do not pass/transfer a ticket to somebody who was unsuccessful in the ticket ballot. This would be a violation of the club's code of conduct and unfair on other eligible season card holders.

Transferring or selling a ticket is strictly prohibited and illegal under the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 and Ticket Touting (Designation of Football Matches) Order 2007. Should the club become aware of such unlawful activities, the guilty party will face a stadium ban and, potentially, prosecution regardless of how innocent the offence may have been.

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