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Energy saving tips from our energy partners Bulb

23 April 2020

Nottingham Forest's energy partner Bulb has come up with some easy solutions to help you save on your energy bills while you #StayHome.

Take a look at some of their top tips to ensure you save yourself some money on your energy bills. 

While you're at it, why not you can score £50 credit simply by switching to Bulb. Bulb offers a single, renewable tariff which is already on average £200 cheaper than standard Big Six deals. With each switch, £10 will also be donated to the Nottingham Forest Community Trust, supporting the club’s award-winning engagement work in local communities. For more information, please visit

Turn your telly off at the plug

If you’ve been streaming old matches in your scarf like the rest of us, make sure to switch your gadgets off at the switch when you’re done. They use power, even on standby. That could save you £30 a year.

Energy Saving TipsTwitter 2.jpg

Earn your (shower) caps

A bath looks pretty tempting while we’re all knocking about at home. But if you can resist the call of the tub a couple of times a week and jump in the shower instead, you could take a tenner off your annual energy bill.

Energy Saving TipsTwitter 4.jpg

Feel the breeze in your fibers

Your Garibaldi threads can still enjoy a spot of fresh air while you’re spending more time indoors. You could pocket an extra £30 a year by letting your clothes hang dry. No hard feelings, tumble dryer.

Energy Saving TipsTwitter 1.jpg

Oh mist rolling in from the shower

Every minute you cut off your shower time saves you £7 over the year. Stick to a 5 minute limit by singing Mull of Kintyre the whole way through. (or should that be 62 verses of Brian Clough’s Red and White Army?).

Energy Saving TipsTwitter 3.jpg

Count your cups

Not those European ones. Before boiling the kettle, make sure you’re only boiling what you need. You can save up to £6 a year. That’s enough to crack out the fancy biscuits.

Energy Saving TipsTwitter 5.jpg

Turn down the heat

Turning your thermostat down by one degree could save you a whopping £80 a year on your energy bill. Hey, might this be the perfect time to knit your own red and white scarf?

Energy Saving TipsTwitter 6.jpg

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