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Frequently Asked Questions

My date of birth, or the date of birth of one of my friends and family is wrong and I can't edit it.

Because the club's online system uses dates of birth to automatically calculate concession prices, you need to have the date of birth ID verified with the ticket office. Please email quoting the customer number of the person concerned.

You will also need to provide a copy of either a current passport or driving licence as proof of identity and date of birth. If neither are available, a copy of a birth certificate is acceptable, providing it is accompanied by a recently taken passport-style photograph. The records will be amended accordingly, and an acknowledgement will be sent if requested.

I have paid to have my season cards delivered but, because one of the cards is a concession, the ticket office won't post them out.

The ticket office will only post out your cards when the appropriate ID confirmation (see above) has been received and verified in respect of any card purchased at an age-related concession price.

I have provided proof of age before and the ticket office should already have it on file.

On some occasions, forms of proof of ID submitted have not been of the appropriate type, such as an expired passport or picture-card driving licence. In these circumstances it is advisable to contact the ticket office to establish the form of ID required.

What ID is suitable for proof of entitlement to age-related concession season cards?

The appropriate ID for confirming date of birth and identity is a copy of either a current, in-date passport or picture-card driving licence. Where neither of these are available, a copy birth certificate is acceptable providing it is accompanied by a recently taken passport-style photograph.

I do not know my customer number.

Existing season card holders can find their customer number on the back of the card. Non-season card-holders should contact the ticket office with details of their name and address. If their names are not already on the club's database, a new account will be created for them immediately.

The friend or family member I want to buy for is not already registered on the ticketing system.

If you or someone else for whom you are buying a season card is not registered on the system, you can register that person by going online and clicking the register button. Please only create new accounts for people who are not already on the system, otherwise creating additional accounts may adversely affect their ability to buy prioritised tickets in the future.

I want to buy my season card online but have not bought tickets before. I am therefore not registered on the ticketing system.

There is a 'register' button on the top right of the main online ticket page. Please click here and fill in your information. Once you have completed the registration process you will be assigned a new customer number and then be able to buy cards online.

I have tried to activate my account and it isn't working

The ticket system has the last recorded address you will have used to purchase cards/tickets. To activate your account you must enter the customer number, surname and post code recorded on the system. If you have moved house or changed surname without amending your details, you must enter your old details. You will be able to update these once you have gone though the initial log in stage.

I want to buy two (or more) season cards next to each other and it won't let me.

If you would like to buy multiple cards next to each other, you must ensure that the people for whom you are buying these tickets have valid customer numbers and are already registered on the system. You must also add them to your 'Friends and Family' section. Once you have done this all names become available when you are selecting seats to purchase.

I'm not sure that I've been charged the correct price for my season card – what should I do?

It's important that you notify the ticket office straight away by contacting either or calling 0115 982 4388.

Nottingham Forest reserve the right to amend any incorrect prices, and either charge or refund any difference as appropriate.

If you have any other queries, please e-mail or call 0115 982 4388.

2017-18 'Price Reduction Period' season cards are available in-person at the ticket office, online at or by calling 0115 982 4388.