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A night to celebrate and inspire the next generation

29 May 2019

I want to write to all Nottingham Forest supporters about this week and the 40th anniversary of our European Cup win. At the time, I was young and I remembered our great team. We all know that it is a unique story in European football which is still admired to this day across the football world. For a team to rise and conquer Europe the way they did was truly remarkable.

I am pleased we have managed to bring all the Miracle Men together again to celebrate those achievements. Obviously the absence of Mr Clough and Mr Taylor will be a great shame, however we will be honoured to have members of their family here on the night. They were winners who defied all odds to become the greatest team in Europe. When I saw Mr Clough being interviewed you could tell he was confident, a winner, a man who believed in his dreams and encouraged other to follow him to the heights of Europe's elite. This group changed the status of the club forever. 
These values and visions are what form our DNA of today. It's not just about the history and what was achieved, it's about learning from that mentality and applying it now. However far away it may seem we must keep dreaming that we will return to that level. We should never stop trying until the moment we take this club to where it deserves to be. 
This anniversary is also an opportunity for us to inspire a new generation of Forest fans. Our plan of the celebration is to focus on the children of Nottingham. We need to show them that everything is possible in their life if they dream big. Education and sport is the way for them to become better people in their life. In the next period we will announce a series of initiatives, which we have been planning for many months, to support these priorities. 
We are always thinking forward but this week I want us to come together as Nottingham Forest and honour our glorious past. No one can ever take that away from us. It is ours to celebrate.
Evangelos Marinakis

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