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Britt's surprise visit

28 February 2017

A young Nottingham Forest fan received a fantastic surprise as Britt Assombalonga visited him at his home.

Ethan Hudson was shocked to see the Reds’ frontman stood at his front door on Monday afternoon after his mum Stacey had arranged for the visit.

Britt sat down and did some Forest-related homework with the nine-year-old, then delivered another surprise by telling him he is going to be the mascot for Saturday’s Kids for a Quid match against Brighton at The City Ground.

Ethan said: “I thought it was just my aunty or my little cousin coming round and then I saw Britt Assombalonga at the door. He is my favourite player and I am going to be the mascot on Saturday. I am really excited. I can’t wait to watch them play and see how good they are.

“I can’t wait to tell all my friends that I met Britt Assombalonga and did all sorts of things with him and that I am going to be the mascot!”

Stacey contacted the club to ask for help to get Ethan, who has Asperger’s syndrome and dyspraxia, to do his homework and his favourite player Britt turned up to draw up a timeline of the history of Nottingham Forest as well as take part in an exclusive interview.

Stacey said: “It is amazing. I cannot believe he has come just from emailing to say that Ethan is doing some Forest homework. Ethan didn’t know about it; he was a bit reserved hiding behind the door then saw it was Britt. It is lovely and it is nice that Britt gets to meet children like Ethan.

“Ethan hasn’t been to a game before; he follows it and plays football so it such a great experience and a memory to keep. It is lovely and it will be amazing for Ethan to be mascot. Britt said it is not how homework was when he did it, or I did it either, but there was lots of work that is linked to sports and Ethan will do a presentation at school.

“Memories are so important to keep and his football is so important to him and he will love it on Saturday.”

Britt said: “It was good to knock on the door and see his face. We did some homework and it has been a long time since I have done that. He got me on a few questions that he asked and made me think about it. He really enjoyed it and you could see that on his face. 

“He gave me a nice big hug and for him to be mascot and get tickets to the game is great. It is every kids’ dream to go to the matches and watch the players. I am happy that he is happy. 

“I never had the chance to be a mascot so to give Ethan the chance to do that it means everything for him and the memories will live with him forever.”

Tickets are still available for Saturday's Kids for a Quid match. Tickets can be purchased in-person at the ticket office, online at or by calling 0115 982 4388.

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