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June 2017

I know we are preparing for a new season and the squad needs shaking up after last season's poor form. 'Yes the squad needs trimming down and if reports are true that's what our new Manager wants (I do like him-first time I've agreed with this appointment since Billy departed), but quality is required and my point being-don't sell Britt.

He is a very important player to Nottingham Forest (I'd like to hear him say he wants to stay as well), if we are serious about promotion keep him and sell other squad players surely it's about time we learnt from past errors and sales for example, last season it was Oliver Burke (the best player I've seen depart for many years, so exciting and worth paying to watch), the season before Antonio (him and Britt were awesome) and yet all we have historically done is spend less money on players not as good and then panic with various loan supposed stella signings.

Let me be frank, the options up front excluding Fryatt (who's been injured) are very good, in fact what kept us up! In this division and more importantly what can deliver PROMOTION . We need to re-structure the defence and its urgent in particular please address the LEFT hand side and add some metal/height to the midfield, with quality.

Anthony - Essex

Really like the new site, a lot of the dross has been taken down although I'd love to see the 'Where are they now?' feature return.

The 'Team' section is now a lot easier to interrogate. Under the four headings, firstly 'Goalkeeper', I think we look pretty strong. Under 'Defender', its easy to see our weakness. I can't choose a strong back four from these guys and - Pinillos gone, Lam still here!!?? This is the area IMO of greatest need.

'Midfield', some good players here but again, an area that needs strengthening. 'Strikers' - again, not bad but, could do with another striker bringing in. I note Matty (who?) Fryatt seems to have finally hung up his slippers?

Looking at each section though, the word 'INJURIES' is always there. Can the coaching and medical staff take a real hard look at why we seem to have a worst than most injury record?

Can't wait to see some good signings coming in for what is expected to be a far more exciting season. 2-4-6-8 who do we appreciate.....

Dave Gee (Leicestershire Red)

We now have a group of young players from the Premier League who have achieved a great success winning the Junior World Cup, but now what happens when then same Premier League clubs just spend silly money buying up the best players in the world rather than nurturing this untapped source that are already in their clubs.

My point is that we have a two-tier system of football in this country with one system having all the money and then the Championship (2nd Division) being restricted with money problems and FFP Rules. How can the third team in the Championship go up via the play-off's to go up into the Premier League and also get the most money pay-out?

This leads us to Forest and how can we compete in this environment. The answer is to take our time and build from the Academy and not sell players on just to balance the books. We probably have more players coming through from the Academy than ever before what with Jordan Smith, Joe Worrall, Ben Osborn, Jorge Grant, Matty Cash and Ben Brereton all having played games in our first team.

Furthermore there are other young players like Alex Iacovitti, Anel Ahmedhodzic, Ryan Yates, Toby Edser and Tyler Walker knocking on the door and being given 1st team squad numbers. I am sure that by promoting younger players we will also encourage further young players to sign up into the Forest Academy. Just look at Southampton as an example.

We have in the past relied on trying to emulate the Premier League clubs by buying in as the answer to all our woes. Unfortunately we have not been alone as Leeds has also discovered. Let's hope that this club has now seen the light (I believe the Manager has) and continues to promote our young players to achieve first-team status and for the supporters to realise that this is the way forward by vocal support at matches because these young players will make mistakes but will learn from them.

Come on you Reds just enjoy the game!

Rod W

Hi Ed,

I do quite like the new site. As ever it will take some getting used to, but, we have all the time in the world before the new 'promotion chasing' season!

Come on you REDS!

Southern RED

A very encouraging open letter from the new chairman to all supporters and whilst there were no rash promises, or time limits, there was a great deal to suggest that we would be put back on the rails again after a very long period of utter rubbish in all aspects of the club.

I am particularly encouraged by the suggestion of involving the supporters in the way the club should be ran and although it wasn't specifically mentioned in the chairman's letter I do sincerely hope he includes the disabled supporters, who I believe they get shoddy treatment from our club.

I can give just a couple of examples that need rectifying at the first available opportunity :

1) The supporters club (headquarters branch) hold their meetings at the boat club on the side of the river and the only access is via a staircase! Wheelchair users cannot get in!

2) Our club has used the same coach company for away games for years but they cannot accommodate wheelchair supporters, whereas we should be telling them that unless they have accessible coaches then we shouldn't use them.

3) If our club ever gets to an important game, to be played at Wembley for instance, then not only is there no accessible coach, but there is also no disabled parking should the disabled get together and organise their own coach!

I could quote many other situations that cause problems for the disabled and I have been offering advice to the club for the past 20 years with some success but we are always accommodated as a last resort and quite frankly it is not good enough for a club with the standing that we have. Obviously there are considerations to be taken into account on both sides but we all support the same team and whilst I appreciate that "Level Playing Field" says that it is an organisation who represents both club and supporter, I fail to see how an organisation that doesn't attend Forest matches, doesn't travel with Forest Supporters and knows nothing about how our club operates can say they are a fair representation of either our club or it's disabled supporters. So I'm hoping to see an improvement for our disabled supporters sometime in the future.

Bob Brooker

An inspired open letter to the fans from the new chairman. Detailed, certainly, encouraging, ambitious, without a doubt. If successful the long-term result will be a credit to the club and a beacon for others to aspire to. The only reservation, (though undeniable), the reference to working within FFP and possible difficult decisions that may need to be taken. Presume this means possible sales to balance the books. I hope this does not mean that some of our prize assets will have to be sacrificed along the way.

Towcester Red

An outstanding letter from our new Chairman: eloquent, professional, candid and inspiring with what seems a very practical vision for the future. I'm even more pleased I bought my two season cards already and I hope all of our fans can get behind the new 'team' at Forest. These people seem to know what they are doing and whilst it won't all be plain sailing as the Chairman says himself, I doubt they will be reaching for the panic button at the first sign of a problem and I guess, nor should we. I'm looking forward to next season already with hopefully, suitably managed expectations.

Ian Emerson, Lincs

May 2017

As well as possibly bringing in three or four new key signings, I'm sure that Mark Warburton will be looking to add quality at modest costs. Jorge Grant is very interesting in this context. His time at Notts County appears to have improved his level significantly. MW will not have had the chance to assess him as a potential squad player, but if he signs the three-year contract offered, he will be involved in a full preseason and possibly friendlies to prove his worth. If successful he will be in the squad, if not a further loan spell at NCFC will give him the chance to show if he could become a potential long term successor to David Vaughan. Surely Forest are considering an approach to RB Leipzig. Ollie Burke looks prime to go out on loan to fulfil his early promise. Where better than at the club that developed his talent and where he would join academy, now first-team players, he knows well in the Championship side, in the city where he is well regarded. The type of adventurous play that MW proposes, means that this loan could be a marriage made in Heaven.

Towcester Red

I wonder whether this isn't a result of the Fair Play rules. I imagine the new owner and the manager will want to bring a few players in, so they need some headroom. Assuming Pinillos regards his home as Spain rather than the UK, to maintain his current wages in Euro terms, he'd need something like a 20% pay rise in pounds Sterling. And the club is having to fork out extra for Zach Clough too. It seems to me that the manager has been sensibly lowering expectations about lots of exciting business during the transfer window. We've lost our loanees, of course. A squad which is significantly smaller will also see more players released and hopefully a few quality players brought in. No doubt we will all have our views on who these players should be, but we've got a manager with a proven record, who seems to wish to play the right kind of football, and for all that we know what we see on the pitch or on the screen, he's the professional who finds work or unemployment by his ability to get the right blend in his squad, develop the right tactics for a variety of circumstances and to motivate the players. It has always seemed to most difficult thing to me to get the blend of players' abilities and tactics right. Conte seems to have done this as Chelsea, while Guardiola and Mourinho haven't in Manchester...yet. No doubt things won't go as smoothly next season as we all hope, but we surely don't want yet another new manager or two during the course of the season, do we? The prospective new owner appears to be more experienced in football matters than the current owner. So let's hope he doesn't panic when we lose a few games, as we undoubtedly will. Let's get behind the team and use our positivity to help them rather than criticse the moment something goes wrong.

Philip Allen

I agree with Essex Anthony, why are Forest keeping Fox? I hope a few others are going but Pinillos was not the one I would let go. If it's because of injuries then there are many more in the same boat and some have not played at all. So I'm sorry to see him go. Has MW got another Pearce in mind? Hope so but Fox is not that person. Let's make some good buys and shoot up to the top next season. COYR!


Hi. Just read that Daniel Pinillos could be departing for pastures new, quite surprised as he's been fantastic, unlucky with the injury, however showed Nottingham Forest his quality when he returned. I'm scratching my head how Danny Fox is being kept (I know he's helped out at centre back and done okay), just not as good as Pinillos, hence why we seemed more assured with him in the team. Anyway, if reports are true I'm sad to see him depart and wish him the best.

Anthony, Essex

Post-Ipswich comments

First, well done MW and the team, you all played your hearts out, you knew what was at stake, stay up or go down, and other results helped you on your way! Forest have a great fan base one of the best I do believe both home and away.There has been a lot of disappointing moments this season both on and off the pitch, lots of disappointing performances and some great ones but us fans have kept loyal and that win against Ipswich has given us hope for next season we now need to rebuild and move on never ever to be put in that position again, we were before the match on Sunday! As with the outgoing owner/chairman(I do hope he is selling up totally) Fawaz, I have posted many items about him in the past, ok he has put money into the club but that is what owners are supposed to do!. He bought the club on a whim because he reckoned Forest was his passion and he could take us to glory once again, it's sad that unfortunately he had no idea on how to own/run an English football club and over his 5 year tenure nearly took us down instead of up! I do hope that man has learned a lesson or two because we the fans have learned many a lesson about incompetency!! We are glad that we bought our Forest 150 years celebration shirts without the word "Fawaz"emblazoned on the front so we can let that name just evaporate into history! Well a good luck wish to MW and all the players and backroom staff until the start of the next season in August. COYR
Best wishes to all Forest fans.

Ian & Colin Barringer
SW Forest Fans

It has taken me three days to sober up from what was a great day on Sunday and now in the cold light of day not only was I proud of the players and the management but also our supporters who showed that there are no better in the country. I said at the time of MW's appointment that I felt more confident than I had for a long time that we had the right man in charge and I like many look forward to next year with the strange feeling of optimism running through my veins (along with Sundays alcohol) and all I hope is that the new owners let MW do what he wants to get us challenging at the right end of the table next year. Thanks to all who have contributed to the forum over the season, we may not agree with each other all of the time but the one thing that we all have is our love of our team. Happy summer to everyone and lets spend our holidays, whether it be Skegness or San Tropez lying in the sand dreaming of why might be next season.

Red Royston, Retford

OK, I was wrong! I said that Blackburn would probably win, and they did. I said I thought that Forest would fail to deliver under the immense pressure of the final day. After watching the first half through my fingers, the penalty and second half showing was a revelation. Well done the players and manager on the type of display that will warm our hearts, if it can be sustained into next season. The no nonsense culling of underperforming loanees and the release of lesser quality squad players is to be applauded. Mr. Warburton and his staff have introduced a style of play that the fans will love and get behind. The core squad left have skill, energy and enthusiasm. The trick now will be to keep our prized assets, adding a modest number of quality additions. Let us also thank messrs Brazil and Lester, not only for their excellence in the academy, but for picking up the reins and getting the first team fitter and motivated. Without them we would have been too far adrift for MW to bring about our survival. As we say farewell to Fawaz, let us remember that despite the many faults of his tenure (and there have been many), without his investment the club, by now might not exist, so give thanks for that at least. The way things are looking now, I am more optimistic than I have been for many seasons. Have a good summer, signing off for now.

Towcester Red

Very very well! Thats it, we are safe for another season in the Championship league! Believing was the whole magic. As I said in my previous post, this Ipswich game might give us something to talk about for maybe a few more years to come! I seen the game on TV, and soon I realized that the way Forest were playing they were going to dig out a result. First goal came right in a perfect setting, and team went into dressing room with a certain confidence. The other goal by Cohen was a superb one that gave us more strength in the front line. When Assombalonga missed that penalty, I said oh well! But luckily he made up for it by scoring the third. Then, and only then I was releived, like most probably many and many other fans. Now that a change is iminent, hope that it won't take very long. If Mr. Fawaz is to go better if he goes now, so that the club will be settled sooner rather than later, and with a program of pre season, along with training and new signings, the club will start next season on a very strong base. We as supporters must believe and give our full backing at ALL times! If you love Nottm Forest, you must love it, in good times as well as in the bad times. It's a kind of marriage that if you love this club you do the best in many ways. We may critisize where it may, being destructive is not the right approach. Therefore being a united entity team and supporters, we can advance to see our beloved team where one day it will be! Very well done to all the team & supporters as well as to Mr. Warburton, a very bright future with our club. Happy summer hols to all!

Fan from the Med (Malta) Geno Camilleri

Wow, what a way to end the season! My nerves were all over the place and it all felt so emotional. The atmosphere was the best in many a season, the players did us proud and the fans were exceptional. We now need to build during the close season and our recruitment needs to be really thought through. No more panic buys, no more cheap foreign players, we need players who can add to the squad with genuine quality and who want to play for this great club of ours. We now have a manager who knows how football should be played and who has the experience and where with all to move us on. I am realistic that promotion won't happen next season but huge steps will be made if he is left to get on with his job uni pended by a Menlo maniac owner who can't let people who know how to run the club properly. Cannot wait to see where we can go next season.

Garry, Rugby

We turned up in our numbers and did it the Forest way also known as the hard way. I for one never doubted the ability of the squad to get the job done when it mattered. A great day it would be good to see the CG rocking like that next season because we are at the other end of the table. Didn't see who got player of the season. Now we need a good summer on and of the pitch and go again next season.

Red Tim

Ed. Yesterday was one of those 'I was there...' games; one of the most memorable at The City Ground for over a decade. The sense of euphoria at the end was incredible, heightened by the realisation of how close we had come to the drop. What I will remember above all is the sense of unity and community among the fans; all 4 sides of the ground coming together as one in a sea of red. If Fawaz ever needed telling how much this club means to us – the fans – it was plain to see yesterday. For the first time in years, it really did feel like a big club. Well done to MW and all the players, especially to Jordan Smith and Britt who were immense; you did us proud!


Phew. Hope this takeover happens quickly & no last minute hitches. We quickly need to move forward. Important that we have a pre season. Get them in early to get fit. Because you don't need me to tell you it's a tough league and we have mostly been found wanting. Do not want to go through that again. My blood pressure can't take it! Hard lines to Blackburn. We mustn't forget how easily that could have been us today. However we have a reprieve and go again in August.

Adele McGuinness

Well we made it! Man of the match was given to Assombalonga and yes he scored two - missed a penalty and perhaps deserved the accolade having had a far better game. However in my view we shouldn't lose sight of the fact Jordan Smith made two superb saves in the first half and with the scores at 0-0 kept us in the game. So what can we all look forward to now? Forest fans certainly don't want to see a long drawn out so called possible take over of the club. If once again nothing happens in the summer we will end up with no new signings and another desperate fight to avoid the drop into division one. The Reds supporters deserve something better than what has been happening at the club both on and off the pitch for far too long now. Although we'll all have a smile on our faces when we read the papers tomorrow let's hope the present owner soon realises there is nothing more left for him to do at the once very famous City Ground.

John Rider (Old Timer) Worksop

Dear Ed. 'Probably' the best performance of the season! Smith is a god and Assombalonga is our ticket to progress in next season! COYR's

A VERY pleased, Southern RED

Pre-Ipswich comments

Whatever happens on Sunday will define the near future of this club, and I hope despite all the doom and gloom from some fans we pull off the great escape, put the name of our current owner into the vaults of the abyss (never to be mentioned again) and restore honesty and integrity back into the club. This club needs a stable structure on which to build and if that means getting rid of some of the higher earners then so be it. MW needs time to build a team in his style, which is attractive, attacking football. I hope the new owners give him time to get things right. Forget the past, the trophies, the glory days. Whilst they were good when it happened its time to live in the 21st century and have a club and ground that befits the good name of Nottingham Forest.

P Parr, Carlton

LAST CHANCE SALOON! Well it's the last throw of the dice to save our season and possibly the club. If we go down we can see out top 5/6 players leaving the club, Fawaz will strip the club bear to recoup his money then sell to the Greek bloke who will possibly continue to ruin us further. Please let us stay up and JJM come back in for us and Fawaz to sell to him this time, then he can rebuild us properly. We need a good financial head, a strategy for where we are going, and a proven manager to get us out of the Championship. are in a mess, we need saving otherwise we will be constantly be known as a selling club, a production line for the top flight, to save us from financial ruin. I will be watching on Sunday hoping for the best, but fearing the worst, the players need to be on it from the start don't let us down as we never stop supporting you! COYR!


Nice one Phil Jackson! Some optimism at last. The problem with Fawaz is that he listened to the fans too much and tried to give us what we wanted. Even now its started, MW tactically weak etc etc etc. Everyone is entitled to their opinion of course, particularly where football is concerned but knee jerk reactions are not the way forward. Sacking managers because the fans [or some of them] demand it cannot be the way. 'Don't like the football, tactics are faulty, substitutions iffy'..... When the great BC was manager during the enormously successful years the football was sublime. That was then, this is now. We are a bottom of the Championship side and have been for many years including a long spell in League One. We have to cut our cloth accordingly and sometimes we have to sacrifice some of our 'super football' qualities to scrap for a win or a point. Thats the way it is. Stop living in the past. Now is the reality. I don't care a damn how we win against Ipswich so long as we win and to those who tell us we deserve to go down then if we do, enjoy yourselves moaning through the League One season. COYR!

PR Jacksdale

So the CG looks like it is heading towards one of the biggest crowds of the season. We probably all worked out we just have to match or better Blackburn and if Blackburn win by a larger margin than us hope Birmingham lose simple. So am I the only person that is looking forward to Sunday, yes we could have and should have long since been safe. However Ipswich at home with nothing to play for nothing against Ipswich but even kids for a quid and I think a half full CG and a dull game. I have maintained all season that our squad is far better than our league position, for me I have faith in the team doing the job on the pitch and have no doubt the fans will do the job of the pitch. So sorry Blackburn and Birmingham its between you two because we will not be joining Wigan and Rotherham. Just hope the summer can then bring stability behind the scenes and in August we can start talking about football again and not matters of the pitch. We all share that same passion to see our team perform on the pitch and our club run in a proper and professional way.

Red Tim

I was there May 2nd 1959, the match was televised. I was there for the 2 European Cup Finals. Both matches were televised. We won the League Cup 4 times. I was there for 3 of them. All the matches were televised. Can we please stop this infantile "We never win when the cameras are there?" The cameras are at EVERY match in one form or another. I believe passionately that we will beat Ipswich. I also believe both Birmingham and Blackburn have more to worry about. Just in case I am wrong I will be buying a season ticket to come and see the Reds next season. 62 YEARS on. Kind Regards to all.

Phil Jackson

Dear NFFC supporters, Can you just for once, this once; believe that our team can survive in the Championship!? And if accidentally we will drop down to League 1, so what! Haven't we before played three seasons in that league and we came up again?! It is true that this season wasn't the very best that we all expected. Have not other well off teams experienced something similar before? But we are there to survive, like other teams who are in this same waters, our team is going to do its best to produce that game (at home) to retain our place in the Championship. So come on dear friends, keep your chins up for next Sunday, and lets hope that we win that particular game. Perhaps of all the season's, that will be the game against Ipswich, that will give us supporters something to be happy about. Wish a very good luck to Nottm Forest, and to Mr. Warburton and to the fans that will be at the City Grd. on Sunday. Hope they come out of those gates at the end of the match with happy faces, brimming with smiles and hopes for the future of our beloved club. Be positive! After all this, happy summer holidays to all!

Fan from the Med (Malta)
Geno Camilleri

Post-QPR comments

Dear Ed. I have just returned from the awful performance at QPR. I have heard the manager. Is he completely deluded? His team selection tactics and worse still his substitutions were shocking. We simply never once looked like scoring. I feel so sad for Brereton, made to play right side midfield then taken off as he doesn't get a chance, really?? He leaves the awful Cohen and Osborn on who both just looked like they were treading water but takes off the lively Carayol, and bring on the totally ineffective Mills a centre half when we need a goal. I counted one shot on target the whole game, the two saves the manager refers to, one was going well wide anyway. Cash should be sacked for the effort when clean through with time to have a touch and he skews is off the side of his boot, not even Sunday league standard. We cannot play under pressure. We WILL be relegated and the manger should take 60% of the blame. I will be there to see the ultimate demise as will many. Sad.

Sutton Red (in Exile)

Hi Ed. Our fate has been sealed with the announcement that our last game will be before the cameras! Whenever Forest play in a televised game, they blow it big time. It seems like they just cannot handle the big occasion. Also I'm sick of the players announcing before a game that they "have trained well all week", "We are in the right frame of mind to get a result" etc. Just what planet are they on? We are a rubbish team and have been for the majority of the season. If Mr. Warburton cannot motivate the team, then there's no hope at all. It's looking increasingly like League One next season. Thanks Fawaz!

Nick Moseley
(Disgruntled Red)

New days dawn for Forest. Maybe a new owner, maybe League 1, maybe survival in the Championship? Whatever happens it is always the same great club. Owners, managers, players, come and go, but Nottingham Forest FC and it's loyal supporters remain!


Last game of the season. Sorry but I'm in the pessimistic camp, you couldn't have a better team to let you down as they have for season upon season. Attended several games when last in League One so I know where Walsall, Oldham etc are. Distraught am I as I raise my half-empty beer glass.

Drogheda Red 69

So it all comes down to the last game and MW is confident that his side can achieve the win to secure another Championship season. I wish that I could share his optimism. At times in their own mediocre season, Blackburn have shown the grit and resolve to gain ugly, vital points when it really matters. Forest on the other hand flatter to deceive against table topping opposition and are unable to do the job when under pressure or against more moderate teams. I hope for the best, but fear the worst, as of the two teams staring into the abyss, I feel Blackburn are more likely to produce on the day. Reluctantly, I feel that next season at Sixfields (Northampton Town) locally I shall be able to see The Reds playing in Div 1, shorn of players like Brereton, Britt, Osborn, Cash and Worrall. I just hope I am proved wrong.

Towcester Red

Unfortunately the set of results today said everything there is to say about Forest: Birmingham scrap to beat their opposition with only ten men; Blackburn grind out a result against an in-form Villa; even Burton Albion got a point away from home (well done Nigel); we play true to form and go down to yet another away defeat to a team that hadn't won for half a dozen games? The manager is talking about us needing to 'start taking our chances'.......never mind 'start', there's only one game left for us in this division. If I understood his comments right, he thinks the players can handle the pressure: I think the set of results since he came in (and before) suggest the opposite is true and I really can't see them dealing with it next week. At the end of the day, the table doesn't lie and for all the talk about us having quality in the squad, we clearly do not have a team that is good enough for the Championship and I fear we are going to get what we deserve in truth and that is relegation.

Ian Emerson, Lincs

Unacceptable but expected result. I predicted QPR were not likely to lose 7 on the bounce. We are in deep deep trouble. It feels like the end of the line. Blackburn and Birmingham will be brimming in confidence ahead of the last games. The table doesn't lie. It has been a wretched season where we had a poor manager & a chairman who sold our best player and dithered making important decisions like sacking the poor manager and pulling out of the takeover. I guess we deserve to go down but it is hard on the fans who deserve better. Once we step into the football wilderness I don't think we will come back. The crowds will get lower and oh my god 1st round of the FA Cup and the football league trophy. Great. I wonder if the latest takeover will happen now? Run out of words. Sick of saying the same things week in week out. May as well be over. We need a miracle.

Adele McGuinness

April 2017

Post-Reading comments

Once again the season draws to a close and we start to reflect. Personally when asked the question do you think you will go down? The same answer comes no, because for me we have a far better squad than our league position suggests. As has been pointed out we have beaten most of the top sides and injuries in defence have cost us, not to mention the four goalkeepers. Even so young Worrall has shown confidence at the back, goalkeeping-wise providing they are fit we have youth, experience and the long-term number 2/3. I will let you decide who's who. I think the summer should be spent not making wholesale changes but making sure we keep the bulk of the squad here and bring in 3 or 4 quality players.

Red Tim

Do we ever beat Holloway? And look at their recent record. 6 straight defeats means they are surely due a win, lucky 7 and all that. Please can we just grind out a result!!! Point to note. Having booked their playoff place tonight how interested will Huddersfield be at Birmingham on Saturday? #just saying. Get the job done Forest.

Adele McGuinness

I think Dave Hilton has picked out the key issue this season, the defence. The problem has been the players brought in not being up to standard, Perquis and Lam. Also the constant injuries to Hobbs, Mills and Mancienne. We have not had any continuity at centre back. Come to that same with the left backs with Traore and Pinilos. To me it is not a surprise the struggle in that department this year. On the positive Worrall coming through means we do not need to hold onto all the centre backs we have. Along with the defence, we used a few different keepers as well! This is definitely a position I would look to recruit in the summer. Forest have far better players than the position in the table reflects. We have beaten many of the top teams this season. To be fair Brighton and the others have looked quite ordinary. There are no outstanding teams in this division. We need continuity and belief. What I fear most is a change of ownership leading to more instability. I hope we do not see wholesale changes on the back of any ownership change. That could write next season off as well as this. Another one in a long line of forgettable years. I am confident we will get a result in one of our last two games that will be good enough to keep us up. I believe MW is the best managerial appointment we have made in a very long time and will take us forward next year if off the field changes do not mess everything up.

Andrew, Bristol Red

Please Reds. Just for once, this season, follow a good winning display with another good (hopefully winning) one. Usually a positive effort has been followed by a lacklustre performance, negating all the good work done in the previous match. Just two good performances now should mean that you can enjoy a decent end of season party. You all know that it's time that you ended the deplorable away stats and surprised us all with a win. We all know that you should not be where you are with the squad you have, so carry through the new found confidence and put relegation fears to bed once and for all!

Towcester Red

Second time on here, but i feel some of the Forest so-called faithful, are being too harsh, and their comments are only making it harder for the team/management to get things moving in the right direction. Continuous criticism will only damage team confidence, which at the best of times is fragile. Not too sure about the comments currently being thrown around, but lets look at the facts. We simply cannot defend, Rotherham are the only side to concede more goals than Forest this season. Statistically we are easily within the top half of the division when it comes to goals scored, so where does the real problem lie? MW will be good for the club and will keep us up, so less of the doom and gloom. With the backing of the owner/club, he will no doubt sort out the real issues, we need players that can DEFEND.

Dave Hilton

Well, can't fault the players for their effort on Saturday. Just goes to show it has always been there, it was all we wanted and Reading did not deserve their two goals but glad The Reds held on. We still have a way to go but its in our hands.


Pre-Reading comments

Hi Ed, There is an article on the web site front page that reads - we need the fans behind us. With due respect give us something to respect you for and we will get behind you! Lacklustre performance ain't the way to muster support. We will all accept going down if you at least show you have fight in your belly. That has not been apparent for quite some time!

Southern RED

Zach Clough calls for the supporters to get behind the Forest team against Reading. This is precisely what the City Ground faithful have been doing all season and always have! It is now time for the team to respond on the pitch, in the last 3 matches, before it is too late. Time, therefore, for some true Forest skill and fighting spirit to be displayed by the players!


Have to agree with Red Brad, Montanier was a complete disaster and how on earth did he come to be the manager of Nottingham Forest? It was an appalling decision to take him on board. I said it then and I still say it now, Dougie Freedman was a good young manager and should have been given the opportunity to take the club forward. DF managed the club throughout the embargo, a huge injury list and still managed to keep us safe from relegation. Following the dropping of the embargo he should have been given the opportunity to continue moving the club forward. I think Fawaz read too much Fan Talk and overreacted to the rubbish about the quality of football. You know, in particular the ones who said The Reds deserved to go down as the football was not to their taste [despite the issues DF had to contend with]. Be careful what you wish for as we are now staring down the barrel of a gun and the reality of relegation is not a good place to be. Let's just hope for a Great Escape and try and look forward to a future under MW. COYR!

PR Jacksdale

These bunch of players owe the club & us fans the best possible performances of their lives in our last three games! You can almost see it now if we are relegated, players on the website saying rubbish things like "we didn't take enough of our chances", "if only little Billy sitting in Row Z had thrown the ball back to us quicker, we could have scored as we were on top at that point". The excuses will be "interesting" to say the very least!

L Sharp, Hampshire Red

Why is everyone upset about Forest going down (if they do)? The problem was the manager at the start of the season and how long he was given to destroy the team he had. Yes it's the owner's fault he took on a person who was not equipped for the Championship. PM seemed a nice bloke but had no answer when it went wrong. MW is a proven manager in this league but it looks like he has come too late to save us. Yes it will need the players to save Forest, the club that pays their wages. They have to show the fans some steel and go down fighting at least! The teams we are playing in the run-in will not give away anything so it is time to step up and fight, if not and we go down nobody should be allowed to leave, they must get us back up first and take a cut in wages until we are back. So come on, give it your all lads. COYR! Forest Forever!


Post-Cardiff comments

It is the players on the field, the formation and the lack of adaptability to the situation when the game plan is not working, these are the main factors which leave our club on the edge of relegation. NOT THE OWNER.

Hady Al-Rekabi

Not good enough plain and simple. Should be ashamed.

Nottm Red

I thank god I don't live anywhere near The City Ground as I would be arrested if I did. I hope now they get relegated as they don't deserve to stay up. Britt hasn't been the same since he had his baby and, apart from the academy players, none of them are good enough to even tie the laces of John Robertson, Stuart Pearce etc. Every day we hear empty words from all of them. Warburton should be going into the dressing room and giving them hell. Their wages should be halved now so they get used to it. How have we descended so low? Words just fail me. Perhaps Zola could come in now, and you can guarantee Birmingham will win their next game. How can we beat Brighton, Newcastle and Huddersfield yet lose to the shambles at the bottom?????????

Mike from Sussex

The manager is left frustrated say the headlines! How does he think us supporters feel? Is he getting the team dynamics wrong? Should Ben Brereton be playing down the middle? What about putting Ariyibi on the right, after Aall cometh the hour cometh the man! Yes, the football is pretty if you like the short passing game but there are times when a long ball over the defence will produce a goal. The manager has a lot of thinking to do before the Reading game, hope he gets it right.

K Espanared

On the 58th anniversary of my first ever Forest match - an Easter Monday draw against Blackburn - we go down to Cardiff and take another step towards the Championship exit. Unless players are played in position and to their strengths we will not survive. Why play a winger then put your smallest player up front and the gifted Brereton out wide or leave Vellios and Assombalonga on the bench? We've had forwards with no service - now we have possible service but no forwards in position to service! Playing games in a permanent stage of catch up is a recipe for disaster.

RT Upper Clough

That's it. Had enough. I cannot see where our next point is coming from. Cannot believe it was just over a week ago we beat Huddersfield. Looks more and more likely Forest will be playing the likes of Bury, Walsall, Rochdale, Rotherham next year plus that Football League Trophy. Absolutely fabulous. Is this what Fawaz meant about a five-year plan to get out of the Championship? What an utter shambles of a season. Starting to wonder if its worth it anymore. I've done 40 years and can't remember many seasons as bad as this one.

Adele McGuinness

Well well well Mr. Fawaz et al. You will very soon become the proud owner of a disgraceful football club in the Third Division; no not the First Division but the Third. You have taken this club far during your tenure, unfortunately all the way DOWNWARDS. We true & real supporters are having to live in the past because with you at the helm; we have no future. This was once a football club who could take on any other football club in the world with an 90% chance of success. Nowadays it's the reverse. This is a parlous state of affairs for a City that could once boast we are Champions of Europe. TWICE! Go back home Mr. Fawaz asap and leave the club under a better stewardship. You Sir are not wanted and haven't been for some years. Next seasons average gate anyone?

St Wilfrid's Red

Post-Blackburn comments

I would like to think that our current owner reads the emails on the fans page and realises just what a negative impact he has had on the club since his tenure. His ownership has been nothing short of a mitigating disaster with inept decisions and unprofessional conduct. The club is in free fall and if rumors are to be believed and a takeover is imminent then I would welcome this once great club being progressed both on and off the field. For years the club has be one in decline. The club lived on it's past glories without moving into the 21st century. Smaller clubs have surpassed Forest and have grounds that befit the Premier League. Forest languish in their belief that they have a divine right to be in the premiership given their history. The ground is tired and the facilities are poor. The potential new owners need to get things right to restore pride in the club but it will take a long time to right all the mess that the current owner has made. The club needs a massive revamp internally and externally from top to bottom. I just hope that this season isn't remember for us being relegated as this would sum up the owners inadequate ownership

P Parr, Carlton

Well well well, doesn't that result just sum this season up. A fine win against Huddersfield and not up to the task against a side worse than us. I knew we would lose the moment someone said they had not won in 7. How often is it lucky 8. If Burton win later then 4th bottom it is and fighting Blackburn to stay up. It'll go to the last game. I feel we are waving goodbye to the championship and I wonder if Mr Marinakis will be interested in a 3rd division club.

Adele McGuinness

Pathetic pathetic pathetic!!! Sums us up I am afraid! None of you are fit to wear the shirt! Utter disgrace once again by these overpaid pre-Madonnas who clearly do not give a monkeys about this club! I really hope my message is posted because this is how virtually every single Forest fan is feeling right now. Come on, a makeshift Blackburn team and you still couldn't cope with them! Sleep well guys because I know I won't! Pathetic excuse for a football team!

L Sharp, Hampshire Red

Post-Huddersfield comments

I said recently that I felt the appointment of MW gave me confidence about the future and after watching the match and the way we played and the chances we created I was taken back to great days gone by. We could have scored half a dozen and Huddersfield who are a good team had no answer to our passing and playing style. This is how I have wanted to see the team play, creating chances whilst limiting them to speculative shooting. Performing like this we would be a match for anyone in the Championship. The potential is there for next season as long as Fawaz does not sell our young stars. I for one cannot wait for Good Friday. Well done to all the team and management. Feeling happy on Saturday nights and Sunday mornings is something I could learn to live with.

Red Royston

What a performance and result at a critical time & felt sweeter as Blackburn lost. Ward is the type of player you need in a relegation scrap & he was in Huddersfield's faces all afternoon. Please Fawaz, whichever league we find ourselves in next season, DO NOT sell this crop of youngsters as next season will be all the better with them in the team.

Adele McGuinness

Post-Wolves comments

I really hope that a representative for Forest is at Huddersfield tonight taking notes etc! Otherwise I only see one team winning & that isn't Forest...

L Sharp, Hampshire Red

Forest are going to be relegated. No surprise really. The club has been in turmoil for 20 years now. We have little or no strong leadership and there are clearly deep-rooted problems that need solving. The team lacks fortitude, drive and ambition. Bunch of softees who haven't got the will to win. At this stage of the season we can't afford to be experimenting with methods of play, team selection or formations. We simply need points on the board. Nothing fancy, nothing too elaborate, points. If you require an illustration of how to get the most out of a group of players, look no further than Burton Albion. Modest team, modest budget and modest set up. Play for each other - week in, week out. They will stay up because they have the right attitude, spirit and ambition. They find a way to win. Forest don't. We are going to be relegated. It will be a shame and it is going to be a long journey back. I just hope that the people that count, are ashamed of themselves. I know I would be!

Ronnie Franks

Well, here we are with just six games remaining and dangerously close to possible relegation, which would be a disaster for our beloved club. However, on a positive note, four of our remaining games are at home, so how about we forget what has happened throughout the season so far and get behind the team at "Fortress City Ground", thus making it as difficult as possible for the visitors. The home game against Blackburn is clearly a "humungous" fixture which could decide our fate, but it could even come down to the final home game against the "Tractor Boys". Come on you Super Reds supporters, lets not go down without a fight.

Realred (Almeria, Spain)

Whatever the eventual outcome at the end of the season - relegation or not - think the current management should keep their jobs. If relegation happens, then Fawaz will no doubt sell the club, maybe to the Americans, for a knockdown price - possibly no bad thing! A fresh start, with a brighter future for Forest? Relegation shouldn't happen with the resources the Reds have, but who knows? Am still optimistic we will be seeing Championship football at the City Ground next season - it is up to the players to make it a reality!


Once again by the grace of God we avoid the bottom 3. Our luck will surely run out. I assume Wigan are going down so we are fighting with Blackburn, Bristol and Burton for the right to play in league 1 next season. In this fight we are doing well. Expected more after the Preston game but deep down knew we would be hard pressed to get even a point. Can we pull off a miracle and beat Huddersfield and follow up with a win against Blackburn? I am sticking my neck out and saying it's unlikely. Is Hobbs back for the next game? I see we are another defender down now. Talking again of the defence as I have all season...Thanks Monty, this is your legacy having unpicked the defence that kept us up last season. I see Derby are making great strides under Rowett. #just saying.

Adele McGuinness

Post-Preston comments

So by the grace of God we avoid the bottom 3 again. We don't do well away to Preston so I would have taken a point but it ought to have been 3, why do we throw so many leads away? I do think under PM and possibly GB the last 2 games would have ended in defeat so I think small steps are being made with MW. Only trouble is we need big steps. Burton shocked Huddersfield so let's see if we can. In the meantime Wolves away is an horrendous fixture and they have picked up form so I would be happy with a point there. Are Hobbs and Mills anywhere near to comebacks? Still not sure we will stay up. Poor Rotherham. Shows you what Neil did for them last season and does each time he is hired.

Adele McGuinness